Monday, August 26, 2013

Baby Shower Favours

My sister's baby shower is next month and I offered to make her baby shower favours for her since I won't be able to make it as she lives in Australia and I am in the U.S. Oh who am I kidding, I would have made them for her if I lived in Australia too. hehe. So the past weekend was spent working on different designs to see what I liked and was going to work best for time and what not. My sister wanted a Jungle theme to match her nursery and seeing she doesnt want to know the sex of the baby until 'birth day' I had to stick with 'safe' colours.
Here is what I came up with.

Number 1. 
It's made using the milk carton die. Just cut 2 and cut off the end panel so each piece has 3 panels and the edge tab. Then just stick the panels together. Tape up the bottom, cut holes in the top and tread ribbon through the top and tie. (Thinking I may need to add a tutorial for this one as there are some little tricks I used that helped with sticking it together)
I really liked it but figured out it was going to be way too time consuming to make 20!
Back to the drawing board.

Number 2.
I found this really cute tutorial for this box HERE at Julie Davisons blog. Thanks Julie!
I remembered I had this cute little monkey from a retired set I had called 'Monkey Business'.
I thought this one was pretty cute but there was one more I had just been itching to try.

Number 3.
Ok. Now tell me this isn't stinkin' cute! I found this fantastic pattern and tutorial HERE by Kim Prince.
I added a velcro dot to the strap so it would be easier to fill with lollies/candy as I will be shipping them to my sister and she will do that part. As a last minute decision I decided to use my paper piercer and punch little holes around the edge and use a marker to create the faux stitching. I am thrilled how it turned out and so did my sister. And it didn't take as long to make as I thought it would. So if you hadn't guessed yet, this one is our WINNER!
Now I just need to make at least another 19...

If anyone is interested in more details on additional tutorials for these or anything on my site, please let me know. I know I get slack about those sometimes. 

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