Monday, June 30, 2014

RAK project

After getting some very sad news about the passing of one of my fellow stampers, it's got me thinking about how much we need to bless and love on people while they're still around. 
With that being said, I would like to start a new project. The amount of interest I get will determine how often I do it. 
My idea is to make a 'Thinking of you' card, or something to that effect, and ask you to 'like' it if you know someone that could use some encouragement. I will choose a name randomly from the pool of likers within a few days.
This would serve basically as a Random act of Kindness or RAK. 

With that being said, f you know someone that needs to be reminded how AWESOME they are, like this post on my Facebook page. I will choose a liker randomly. I will then ask you to PM me with the intended receiver's details and the card will be sent to them anonymously.